Person Picture ID Opinion Why?
Jackninja5DipperGravityfalls SS He is very funny and very helpful.
Brainulator9 MoM He is fun but I don't get his jokes.
TULO Maybe not I forgot.
Someone Quiet but fine. Very wise but not really a talker.
IG+Marmok= Gaming Good Good person
Zambiealex SS He is just so good and so loveable. Wait it is me!
Pinkgirl NF
MicDJ M He is fine in a part.
Camwood F I would have put you on my enemies list.
SnappyDragon Excellent to SS Very good friend and a player of AQW and Pokemon Go!
Snapdragon MoM I don't get it.
CLP SS Great Guy and he is hilarious.
PPM SS Great guy
TRAG SSS I would have left the wiki if he was not there.
Drek Excellent Good person
Elemec SS Great guy, great friend.
Zhangus SS He is a great person and a great friend.
TheNameisSomething SS He/She is a funny and adorable person!


  • SS= Amazing
  • F= No
  • NF= Near No
  • M=Middle
  • MoM= Middle of Mystery
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